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We are a local business serving the Mildford and Stratford areas. We offer  convenient and reliable foot care services.

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No one wants to experience surgery if they don't have to. At Milford Footcare, our conservative approach to foot care focuses on what we can do to avoid having to perform any kind of invasive procedure. Our first step is to examine each patient and discuss your situation on an individual basis.


With almost 20 years of experience practicing podiatry in the Milford area, Dr. Borsos is a name you can rely on for professional foot care. From corns and calluses to heel pain and bunions, our knowledgeable team can help you get rid of the pain and start living your life again!

- Ingrown toenail

- Toenail fungus

- Corns

- Calluses

- Bunions

- Hammertoe

- Heel pain

- All other foot problems

Nail cutting